Our Story

angelica4I met me wife Angelica in Florida in December of 2000, when she came to Miami to spend her vacation. After she left, we remained in contact and in November of 2002, she came again and we decided at this point to live together since we were in love.  She had been in the US on a visitor’s visa. We married in 2004 and by this time unfortunately, she had overstayed her visa. After getting married we had the unfortunate incident of Angelica being placed in removal proceedings due to a trip she made to Brazil.  We went to the first hearing and Angelica just wound up leaving the US before the second one because we were scared what might happen and didn’t want Angelica sitting in some detention center.  Angelica has been in Brazil since 2009.  Last year we decided to go through the legal process to try and adjust Angelica’s status and they found her record with two inadmissibilities:  212(a)(9)(B)(i)(II), being unlawfully present for more than 365 days, which is a 10 year bar.  They also noted 212(a)(9)(ii), having been deported from the US or taken departure during the deportation process, which makes her inadmissible for 10 years as well from the time of last departure.

angelica2I am a US Citizen and I do not understand why I can’t fix my spouses status.  She has no criminal records, never entered without inspection, and always has been a model citizen.  I have a painting company in the US and she helped me to operate it together.  Our house, taxes, everything is all on me without my wife’s help. I have visited Brazil 5 times since all of this happened just to see her.  I can’t afford this situation much longer, and I can’t maintain a real marriage like this when I am living thousands of miles away.  We just want to build our life together in the US.  In the end, she remains separated from me in Brazil with no way to fix this.  I hope whoever reads this doesn’t leave out US Citizens with a pathway to fix their family, because we deserve to be treated no less than anyone else in any immigration reform that may happen.  Please support Section 2313 in the Senate immigration bill, and please oppose Grassley amendments 21 & 22!!!


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